Small Business Tips: Business Plan Checklist

Small Business Tips: Business Plan Checklist

My hopes with this "Business Plan Checklist" is to give you a head start on bringing your business ideas to life. 

I started my business using helpful tools like this to bring my business to where it is now. I want to share this knowledge with others which is why I am offering a free, Business Plan Checklist download. 

Business Plan Checklist

The best first step to take with starting a business is to be organized from the start. Which is why starting with a business plan is a must. A clear and concise plan will help you stay focused toward bringing the business to fruition. 

Remember, your business plan does not need to be written in one sitting. So if you see a topic on the business plan checklist that you cannot speak to, that is okay, just save that topic for later. 

Once you have checked off all the items on this list you will have a clear view on how to start your business and determine your next steps of action to move the business towards meeting your goals that you've set. 

Click here to download a PDF version of the "Business Plan Checklist". 

Business Summary

The business summary section of a business plan is super important for all businesses. This defines the business principles your new company plans to take on and follow as you navigate the world of business. It is important to write down the vision statement your business plans to uphold throughout the journey for accountability. 

It is also in the business summary section that you need to write down your plan to produce revenue whether that is through selling products or offering services. And of course, this will require financial funding to acquire inventory or space to perform services.


Now, in the business world, you cannot expect consumers to come to you. As a business you will need to have a marketing plan to attract the clientele you are hoping to appeal to and define this audience so that your marketing efforts do not go to waste. 

Create those social media accounts now to secure the tag handle that is best for your business. Make sure you cover all major social media networks, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Social media will help you reach your target audience and appeal to their desires to support your business. 


Goals Goals Goals, it is all about the goals you set to keep you motivated and moving forward. Key Performance Indicators (or KPI's) will help you know if your business is moving in the right direction to accomplish your goals. Each year, I like to outline new goals and update my KPI's to stay on track. I also like to keep a running to - do list to help me stay organized so that my efforts are not wasted. 

I hope this free resource has helped you generate ideas and plan for the future ahead. Remember, starting somewhere now is better than starting somewhere later, bring that business to life!

XOXO, Dani 

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